Consolidation Loans

We are working on compiling information to help you find the best deal to:
– Consolidate Your Debts Into One Monthly Affordable Payment
– Get Individual Creditors Off Your Back
– Worry Less
– Improve Your Sleep

Even if you have a history of bad credit, there are ethical companies and government agencies offering secured and unsecured loans.
However, because of the risk associated with bad credit loans the interest rates offered tend to be very high.

It is worth considering that in many cases a single consolidation loan offers a more competitive interest rate than servicing debt of several loans on store cards and other credit cards.

We will soon offer you more detailed advice on debt consolidation.

But in the meantime please visit this government website for debt advice:
Federal Direct Consolidation Loans

And if things look really bleak you may need a bit of hope and inspiration.
Here are two of our favourite books – read them, read them again and live them: